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What is the Electronic Screening and how does live scan work?

All Level 2 screening requests by AHCA must be submitted electronically. The Agency will no longer process Level 1 or Level 2 screening requests or fees after July 31, 2010. Any Level 1 or Level 2 screening request and fees submitted to the Agency’s Background Screening Section after July 31, 2010 will be returned to the sender unprocessed.


Forms of “electronic screening:”


LiveScan device is a term used to describe the scanners used to directly capture fingerprints through a scanning function. Person being screened place their hands directly on the scanner for reading. Fingerprint scanning using a LiveScan device provides faster results and generally costs less that hard card scanning as there is less handling involved. LiveScan capture also produces a better quality print, so has a lower rejection rate of illegible prints (no ink smudging, etc).


LiveScan options – There are several options for LiveScan capture including:


  • LiveScan vendors approved to submit fingerprint requests through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE ). These vendors generally require advanced online reservations or appointments and charge a fee for use of the LiveScan in addition to the FDLE screening fee of $43.25. LiveScan devices are either available at specific locations or through mobile services where the vendor will either come to the provider location (based on certain volumes and fees) or another pre-arranged location. LiveScan vendors are independent businesses and each must be contacted in advance to determine fees, services and enrollment requirements. For more information regarding LiveScan vendors please see Florida LiveScan Vendor List for contact information, locations and pricing, and the FDLE LiveScan Site.
  • LiveScan devices (machines) may be purchased/leased by providers who wish to handle their own fingerprint capture. Several business offer machines (sale or lease) however, it is important to assure that any selection is approved for submission through FDLE and all requirements of fingerprint submission are met. For more information visit the FDLE LiveScan Site or the AHCA Cogent contract (Option 1 or Option 2).


Hard card scanning is a method of submitting a traditional fingerprint card where finger prints are “rolled’ in ink onto an FBI fingerprint card. Cards may be converted to “electronic” by using a machine that scans the cards. There is typically a fee associated with “rolling the prints” as a high degree of skill is required to achieve the necessary quality. Hard cards for AHCA screening must be obtained from AHCA because they must include the pre-printed AHCA ORI# to assure results are returned appropriately.

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