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The Joint Commission Requirements on Level 2 Background Checks for Health Science Program Students

We have been fingerprinting the Practical Nursing and Health Science students for colleges and universities located in South Florida. Student have been questioning us on the reason for such screening. We made an investigative research and would like to post it for public view and consideration.


1. In accordance with  standard/requirement of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), students enrolled in any health science program that requires a clinical experience in a hospital or other health care facility must submit to a level II criminal background check, a drug screening test, and Hospital Corporation of America requirements. The same requirements pertain to students who apply for entrance into a health science program.

In adherence to this new JCAHO mandate, all current and future health science students must obtain a level II criminal background check, a drug-screening test, and Hospital Corporation of America requirements. The student is responsible for paying the costs for each test. The results of said tests may require the College to withdraw the student from the program. This action is necessary due to the student’s inability to access clinical facilities for training purposes required as a part of the instructional program.


Per Joint Commission the staff, students and volunteers who work in the same capacity as staff who provide care, treatment, and services, would be expected to have criminal background checks  verified when required by law and regulation and organization policy.


This means that if state law, regulation or organization policy requires background checks on all employees, volunteers and students, Joint Commission expects them to be done on all three categories.


If state law requires background checks on only specified types of health care providers (e.g. nursing assistants/child care workers), then Joint Commission would require background checks on only those specified in state law (unless organization policy goes beyond state law).


If state law requires background checks on all “employees”, the organization should seek an opinion from the state on what categories of health care workers are considered “employees”.


If the state clearly does not consider volunteers or students to be employees, then Joint Commission would not require background checks on them (unless organization policy goes beyond state law and requires it).


If state law is ambiguous as to the definition of employee, the organization can define the scope of background checks to fit its own definition.  As such, they may include or exclude students and volunteers, and Joint Commission would survey to hospital policy.


In the absence of a state law on criminal background checks, each organization can develop its own expectations, e.g., and organization elects to screen employees and not students/volunteers.  Joint Commission would evaluate compliance with the organization’s internal policy only.  There would be no Joint Commission expectation that an organization check categories of providers beyond what is required in their own policy, which must comply with law and regulation. All criminal background checks must be documented by the organization.


If you are a student who is required to undergo the level 2 background screening, please confirm with your college whether they require a screening to be done through VECHS program or the health care provider for you clinical practice is requiring the AHCA background screening clearance. In both cases we can help, please provide us with VECHS Waiver Agreement form with you institution’s VECHS number on it, or ask what AHCA number needs to be used with electronic fingerprint submission.


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