Live Scan Fingerprinting in Florida (General)

How does FBI Level 2 Background Check Work?

Most of us heard that Level 2 Background Check generally refers to a state and national fingerprint based check and consideration of disqualifying offenses, and applies to those employees designated by law as holding positions of responsibility or trust. But do you know what happens to your fingerprints when they reach FBI for Level II screening. Here is some information on what exactly happens there.


Your prints are forwarded from state repositories, such as FDLE to FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or IAFIS, which is a national fingerprint and criminal history system that responds to requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help our local, state, and federal agencies to solve and prevent crime and catch criminals and terrorists. IAFIS provides automated fingerprint search capabilities, latent search capability, electronic image storage, and electronic exchange of fingerprints and responses.


Not only fingerprints, but corresponding criminal histories; mug shots; scars and tattoo photos; physical characteristics like height, weight, and hair and eye color; and aliases are included in IAFIS. The system also includes civil fingerprints, mostly of individuals who have served or are serving in the U.S. military or have been or are employed by the federal government. The fingerprints and criminal history information are submitted voluntarily by state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies.


IAFIS is the largest biometric database in the world, housing the fingerprints and criminal histories for more than 66 million subjects in the criminal master file, along with more than 25 million civil prints. Included in FBI’s criminal database are fingerprints from 73,000 known and suspected terrorists processed by the U.S. or by international law enforcement agencies who work with us.


The average response time for an electronic criminal fingerprint submission is about 10 minutes, while electronic civil submissions are processed within an hour and 12 minutes. IAFIS processes an average of approximately 162,000 ten-print submissions per day.


IAFIS was launched on July 28, 1999. Prior to this time, the processing of ten-print fingerprint submissions was largely a manual, labor-intensive process, taking weeks or months to process a single submission. The FBI has been the national repository for fingerprints and related criminal history data since 1924, when more than 800,000 fingerprint records from the National Bureau of Criminal Identification and Leavenworth Penitentiary were consolidated with Bureau files. The first use of computers to search fingerprint files took place in October 1980.


Here are the facts which can impress almost everybody.


  • IAFIS searches the fingerprints of over 69.4 million subjects in the National Criminal History Record File (over 295 million arrest cycles).


    • The civil file contains an estimated 30 million subjects.
    • Increases by 8,000-10,000 subjects each day
    • Database includes approximately:


      • 632,520 Active Wants
      • 566,771 Sex Offenders
  • More than 18,000 local, state, federal, and international partners electronically submit to IAFIS
  • Interstate Photo File has 11,509,127 million photos for over 6.4 million records
  • IAFIS identified 27,286 fugitives in May as a result of tenprint processing
  • Yearly Volume Tenprint Fingerprint Submissions to IAFIS:


    • Fiscal Year 2011 to date – 32.7 million
    • Fiscal Year 2010  – 61.3 million
    • Fiscal Year 2009 – 52.7 million
  • Average monthly transaction volume: 134,391 per day


    • Record High Receipts: 04/30/2010 – 300,113 within 24 hours
    • Record High Completions: 04/30/2010 – 297,816 within 24 hours


May 2011


  • Tenprint Criminal Submission Rate (related to arrests, inquiries, etc.): 53.2 percent


    • 95.1 percent submitted electronically
  • Tenprint Civil Submission Rate (related to employment/licensing screening, etc.): 46.8 percent


    • 97.1 percent submitted electronically
  • Electronic fingerprint submission rate: 96.0 percent
  • Manual (paper) fingerprint submission rate: 4.0 percent
  • Response times:


    • Criminal Electronic (CAR) Fingerprint SubmissionsAverage Response Time – 6 minutes and 55 seconds99.45 percent completed within one hour
    • Civil Electronic Fingerprint SubmissionsAverage Response Time – 1 hour, 34 minutes and 36 seconds99.13 percent completed within 12 hours
    • Electronic Non-Federal User Fee (NFUE) Fingerprint SubmissionsAverage Response Time – 46 seconds98.18 percent completed within 15 minutes
    • Criminal Fingerprint Card Processing Non-Urgent (CPNU) SubmissionsAverage Response Time – 31 minutes and 40 seconds100 percent completed within 72 hours


IDENTICO LLC is FDLE approved Live Scan vendor serving South Florida.  With any question related to Level 2 background screening please call us at (954) 239-8590 or visit us online at for more information. Visit our office located at 3948 Pembroke Road, Suite E, Pembroke Park, FL, 33021 for all fingerprinting, background screening or drug testing needs.




Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Background Screening

Electronic Fingerprint Submissions for Individuals and Agencies Licensed Under Chapter 493, Florida Statutes

If you are applying for a license in the Private Investigative Industry, Recovery Industry, or Security Industry under the authority of Chapter 493, Florida Statutes, the following questions and answers will help guide you through the process of submitting your fingerprints electronically.


Please read this material carefully in its entirety. Take note that the procedure to follow in getting your fingerprints scanned and in submitting payment for the electronic fingerprint submission will depend upon where you go to get your prints taken. In the material on this site we have tried to spell out in detail the options available to you and the procedures to follow depending upon the option you select.


If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please call our Public Inquiry Section at 850-245-5691.


Q. Where can I get my fingerprints digitally scanned?

A: Applicants for an individual or agency license issued under the authority of Chapter 493, Florida Statutes, have a number of options as to where they can get their fingerprints taken. The options are enumerated below:

We strongly recommend you telephone your sheriff’s office in advance to confirm that particular office provides electronic fingerprint scanning services and to reserve an appointment time if one is necessary.
  • OPTION 1. Many of Florida’s 67 county sheriffs offer electronic fingerprinting services.
  • OPTION 2. You can have your fingerprints scanned at any one of our seven Regional Offices of Division of Licensing.
  • OPTION 3. There is also a small group of private vendors such as IDENTICO LLC that provide electronic fingerprinting services.
The documentation you receive when you get your fingerprints scanned will vary depending upon which option you select. Generally, however, the technician scanning your prints will give you some sort of RECEIPT and/or a PHOTOCOPY of your fingerprints upon completion of the scan.Please keep these documents. They contain your Transaction Control Number, which is needed if you pay for the fingerprinting service on line, rather than at the sheriff’s office or the private vendor. Also, copies of the documents should be submitted with your application.


Q. What is the cost of the electronic fingerprint submission?

  • OPTION 1. The fee for having your prints scanned at one of Division of Licensing Regional Offices is $42.
  • OPTION 2. The fee for your prints scanned at IDENTICO LLC is $48.25. No lines, No appointments, No government, No Bureaucracy.

(If you submit your fingerprints directly to Division of Licensing using the traditional “hard-card” fingerprint method along with payment for the fingerprint processing, the cost for the fingerprint submission is $42.)


Q. How do I submit payment for my electronic fingerprint submission?

  • OPTION 1. The Regional Division of Licensing Office where you have your fingerprints scanned can accept payment for this service.
  • OPTION 2. You can pay cash, credit card or with check at IDENTICO’s office after being fingerprinted.
The RECEIPT that the fingerprint technician gave you will include a Transaction Control Number (TCN) and your name. (The TCN will begin with 70SX, 70LX, 70SO, or 70C and be followed by a number that will consist of as many as 18 digits.

Q. What do I submit to the Division of Licensing after I have submitted payment?

A: Submit any RECEIPTS you have been given along with your application. If you were given a PHOTOCOPY of the electronic fingerprint submission, submit that  as well. Please be sure that you include all the documentation specified in the instructions included with your application package (completed application, passport-style color photograph, training documentation, proof of insurance, appropriate licensing fees, etc.).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATIONRemember that you do not have to submit any additional payment for the electronic fingerprint scan. You need only submit payment for the LICENSE FEEand APPLICATION FEE (if you are applying for a Class “D” Security Officer license or a Class “G” Statewide Firearm license you are not required to pay an APPLICATION FEE).You should submit your application to the Division of Licensing WITHIN 90 DAYS of your fingerprint-scan to avoid inconvenience and additional expense. Be sure to include the following items with your application: photocopies of your fingerprint scan and all receipts (including the CWCS receipt), a photograph, training documentation and a check or money order for the license fee. 





Here is how the 90-day time limit can spare you additional expense and inconvenience. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will allow TWO FINGERPRINT SUBMISSIONS for the fee remitted if both submissions occur within 180 days. If a problem occurs with your first fingerprint submission AND we do not receive your application until after 90 days has passed, we may not have adequate time in which to analyze the problem and notify you so that you can submit a second set of fingerprints within the 180-day time frame. In this circumstance, we would have no alternative but to require you to have your fingerprints scanned again, and this would require the payment of an additional fingerprint fee.

For the easy access we are adding the application for “C”, “D”,”E” and “G” licenses ready for downloading:

Download: Class “C” Private Investigator License Application

Download: Class “D” Security Officer License Application

Download: Class “E” Recovery Agent License Application

Download: Class “G” Statewide Firearms License Application