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Level 1 Background Checks

IDENTICO refers to Level 1 Background Checks as a custom tailored service based on the combination of the following components and priced depending on the comprehensiveness requested:


Sex Offender Records Search

Prohibited Party/Terrorist Search

Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments Search

Federal Bankruptcy Court Docket Search

Federal Appellate Court Docket Search

Federal Criminal Court Docket Search

Federal Civil Court Docket Search

Evictions Search

Wants & Warrants Search

Arrest Records Search

National Criminal Records

State Criminal Records


Our Level 1 Background Check is not based on fingerprint submission, and does not refer to a state only name based check offered by FDLE. The report offered by IDENTICO can be used for the purposes of a private Employment Screening and Tenant Screening, as well as for purposes of limited access granting by organizations handling confidential, medical or juvenile records.


For more information or the quote for our Level 1 Background Screening please call IDENTICO today at (954) 239-8590 and (888) 988-8969

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