IDENTICO LLC was established in 2010 as a response to an increasing demand at Florida’s pre-employment and background screening market. Same year, company received the authorization from Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct Level 1 and Level 2 Background Checks as a live scan fingerprinting vendor in Florida. FDLE‘s approval and strong credentials made it possible for IDENTICO to receive the authorizations from AHCA, DCF, DOEA, DBPR, DOH, FLHSMV and DOACS to conduct level 2 background screening on behalf of state agencies.


Highest quality of service, prompt customer support, community recognition and strong management team made it possible for IDENTICO to reach a position of the fastest growing live scan fingerprinting vendor in South Florida. Thousands of satisfied customers were fingerprinted for various state agency clearances, large number of applicants were screened as part of their employment or residency application. The combination of electronic fingerprinting, pre-employment and tenant screening services positioned IDENTICO as a universal HR and administrative provider to South Florida’s commercial and governmental organizations.


Our municipal, community based and DOT regulated clients insisted on IDENTICO to supplement existing employment screening packages with drug testing services. In depth studies of drug screening and breath alcohol testing market indicated the existence of an ongoing need for a mobile drug and sobriety testing to be performed on clients’ site. Market analysis helped us structure a “different” vision on a mobile drug testing. IDENTICO’s specifically modified and professionally equipped mobile drug testing vehicle is operated by trained and certified collectors and used for “anytime-anywhere” format collections of urine drug or breath alcohol tests. Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, MedTox – SAMSHA certified laboratories trusted us to become a collector and Third Party Administrator for substance abuse screening of Florida workplaces. Starting from winter of 2011, the line of DOT and NON-DOT on-site drug and breath alcohol screening services became available to our existing and new clients.


Blood draw and demographic data analysis based employee wellness program offered by IDENTICO, is a revolutionary product offered to businesses and individuals. Full cholesterol, blood glucose and triglycerides level testing gives employees and companies a clear understanding of health risks, increases the awareness, helps companies to lower health insurance premiums and increase the productivity at the workplace. The value of on-site wellness fairs is emotionally meaningful tool for businesses to show the care for their biggest asset- employees. Packages which includes laboratory test results, consumer friendly reports available online and follow-up educational sessions are vital for the workplaces of 21st century.


Our focus on niche market, personalized and easily reachable customer support, experienced account management and local networking puts us aside from competitors focused primarily on numbers and not clients.


IDENTICO products and services are priced at the lower edge of the market. Such strategy is chosen by company to aggressively target after-recession market, with agenda of offering more for less.