Florida Massage License Fingerprinting

Bill CS/HB 1065 affecting massage therapist and massage establishment licensure in Florida has passed during April 25th, 2014 legislative session. Pursuant to a new law current and new massage therapist and massage establishment licensees must undergo a Level 2 Background Screening.

Licensees must use a live scan providers, such as IDENTICO LLC, to electronically submit a set of fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for the purpose of conducting a search for any criminal history records that may pertain to the licensee. Records must be submitted to ORI# EDOH4600Z pertaining to Florida Board of Massage Therapy. The total fee charged by IDENTICO for Massage License Fingerprinting and Photo Submission to a Healthcare Clearinghouse is $80.00. At screening IDENTICO will collect applicants’ accurate demographic information, including Social Security number. Florida Department of Health will not be able to process a submission that does not include a Social Security number. The processing may take up to 48 hours.

*If the result of the background report shows arrests and offenses, or incomplete dispositions, they will receive a notice from the Board office requesting additional information. Depending on the types and seriousness of the offenses, the applicant’s file may go before the Board of Massage Therapy for further review. If the Board denies the applicant’s file, the applicant will receive an official Intent to Deny Order and will have right of appeal.

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