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**IMPORTANT NOTICE** Clearinghouse ORI for Department of Children and Families – July 5, 2015 – ACTIVE

From: BGS_SUPPORT [mailto:BGS_SUPPORT@ahca.myflorida.com]
Sent: Monday, July 06, 2015 10:24 AM
Subject: **IMPORTANT NOTICE** Clearinghouse ORI for Department of Children and Families – July 5, 2015 – ACTIVE


Good Morning Livescan Vendors and Providers:


Thank you for working with the Agency for Health Care Administration to provide Clearinghouse compliant fingerprint services to specified agency providers and applicants in the Clearinghouse.


The below ORI have now been activated.

ORI Number Provider Group Cost to FDLE Activation Date
EDCFGN10Z DCF General $46.75 July 5, 2015


The following pre-Clearinghouse DCF/APD ORI numbers are now de-activated:

FL921751Z FL921761Z
FL921771Z FL921781Z
FL921791Z FL921801Z
FL921811Z FL921821Z
FL921831Z FL921841Z
FL921851Z FL921911Z
FL921921Z FL921931Z


All DCF and APD providers are required to register applicants on the Clearinghouse website prior to screening; this will create a Screening ID, or Screening Request ID, for use by Livescan vendors and providers.  The new ORI(s) will be passed to the Livescan vendor/service provider in the ApplicantInfoGetResponse if an appointment is scheduled via the Clearinghouse website. 


Any submissions under the new ORI(s) should be accompanied by a photograph if the individual wants their screening entered into the Clearinghouse; the photo should be submitted to the Clearinghouse via the standard web service.


A complete listing of Clearinghouse ORIs is attached.  Please contact us at the information listed below with any questions.


Please contact us at the information listed below with any questions.


Thank you,


Background Screening Clearinghouse Support

Agency for Health Care Administration

2727 Mahan Drive, MS #40

Tallahassee, FL  32308




Clearinghouse ORI Agency Profession/Provider Type Date Activated
EAHCA020Z AHCA All January 1, 2013
EDOH0380Z DOH *Certified Nursing Assistant by Exam January 1, 2013
EDOH2014Z DOH *Physician/Medical Doctor January 1, 2013
EDOH2015Z DOH *Osteopathic Physician January 1, 2013
EDOH2016Z DOH *Chiropractic Physician January 1, 2013
EDOH2017Z DOH *Podiatric Physician January 1, 2013
EDOH2550Z DOH *RN/LPN by Exam – Initial January 1, 2013
EDOH3451Z DOH *Orthotist & Prosthetist January 1, 2013
EDOH4400Z DOH C.N.A by Reciprocity January 1, 2013
EDOH4410Z DOH LPN by Endorsement January 1, 2013
EDOH4420Z DOH RN by Endorsement January 1, 2013
EDOH4500Z DOH Acupuncture January 1, 2013
EDOH4510Z DOH Anestesiologist Assistant January 1, 2013
EDOH4520Z DOH Athletic Training January 1, 2013
EDOH4530Z DOH Clinical Lab Personnel January 1, 2013
EDOH4540Z DOH Clinical Nurse Specialist January 1, 2013
EDOH4550Z DOH Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family, Mental Health Counseling January 1, 2013
EDOH4560Z DOH Dentistry January 1, 2013
EDOH4570Z DOH Dietetics/Nutrition January 1, 2013
EDOH4580Z DOH Electrolysis January 1, 2013
EDOH4590Z DOH Hearing Aid Specialist January 1, 2013
EDOH4600Z DOH Massage Therapy January 1, 2013
EDOH4610Z DOH Medical Physicist January 1, 2013
EDOH4620Z DOH Midwifery January 1, 2013
EDOH4630Z DOH Naturopath January 1, 2013
EDOH4640Z DOH Nursing Home Administrator January 1, 2013
EDOH4650Z DOH Occupational Therapy January 1, 2013
EDOH4660Z DOH Opticianry January 1, 2013
EDOH4670Z DOH Optometry January 1, 2013
EDOH4680Z DOH Pharmacist January 1, 2013
EDOH4690Z DOH Physical Therapy January 1, 2013
EDOH4700Z DOH Physician Assistant January 1, 2013
EDOH4710Z DOH Psychology January 1, 2013
EDOH4720Z DOH Respiratory Care January 1, 2013
EDOH4730Z DOH School Psychology January 1, 2013
EDOH4740Z DOH Speech/Language Pathology January 1, 2013
EAHCA790Z Managed Care All September 5, 2013
EDOEVR100 Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor Registration Employee July 9, 2014
VDOEVR100 Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor Registration Volunteer July 9, 2014
EDOEVR200 Vocational Rehabilitation Independent Living Employee July 9, 2014
VDOEVR200 Vocational Rehabilitation Independent Living Volunteer July 9, 2014
EAHCA013Z Medicaid Florida Medicaid Providers and Enrollees March 1, 2015
EDCFSC30Z DCF DCF Summer Camp Providers March 2, 2015
EDCFMH20Z DCF DCF Mental Health Providers April 20, 2015
EDCFGN10Z DCF DCF General July 6, 2015
EAPDGN10Z APD APD General May 25, 2015
EAPDFC20Z APD APD CDC May 25, 2015

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