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In the traditional method of fingerprinting, ink is applied to each of your fingers which are then “rolled” across a fingerprint card to obtain your prints. With electronic fingerprinting, there is no ink or card. Your fingerprints are “rolled” across a glass plate and scanned. It is faster and cleaner than the traditional method. Electronic fingerprinting reduces the likelihood of illegible fingerprints and will reduce the overall application processing time. Process is fairly simple and takes 5-10 minutes before you leave our office.


All applicants will be required to bring two (2) forms of identification to the electronic fingerprinting site on the day of scheduled fingerprinting. One of the two types of identification must bear your picture and signature such as a driver’s license, state identification card or passport.


The electronic fingerprint scanning machines are equipped to determine if your fingerprints scanned successfully; however, if it is determined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that your prints were not legible, requesting state agency will send you a notification letter asking you to go back to the same vendor that did your initial prints and schedule a re-roll of your prints. You will be required to bring the notification letter with you as information such as the TCR (Transaction Control Reference) must be identified and used at the time of the reroll. IDENTICO will not charge another fee if the TCR numbers are supplied.


Your prints cannot be shared between professions or with other state agencies. You are required to have separate prints for each license or clearance you are applying for.


Please call us today at (954) 239-8590 with any questions. Best regards, Professional Screening Team of IDENTICO LLC.

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