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Fingerprinting for mold remediation license in Florida

The Level 2 Background Screening for Florida Mold Remediation License is required by F.S. 468.84


The Legislature finds it necessary in the interest of the public safety and welfare, to prevent damage to real and personal property, to avert economic injury to the residents of this state, and to regulate persons and companies that hold themselves out to the public as qualified to perform mold-related services.


The statute states:


F.S. 468.8413— Mold Remediation License Applicant Background Screening

(6) An applicant for a license shall submit, together with the application, a complete set of electronic fingerprints to the department of business and professional regulation. The DBPR shall submit the fingerprints to the Department of Law Enforcement for state processing, and the Department of Law Enforcement shall forward them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for national processing, to determine whether the applicant has a criminal history record. The department shall review the background results to determine if an applicant meets licensure requirements. The applicant is responsible for the costs associated with processing the fingerprints. The authorized agencies or vendors shall collect such fees and pay for the processing costs due to the Department of Law Enforcement.


As you see, the Mold Remediation Services Licensing is regulated by Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. In order to get fingerprinted as part of your Mold Remediation Licensing application please contact IDENTICO LLC today. We are FDLE approved Live Scan vendor, and we transmit your fingerprints for FBI Level 2 Background Check and DBPR will get the results of screening in as less as 72 hours. The cost of screening is $54.25. Visit our official website www.myidentico.com or call us today (954) 239-8590. We have an open door policy at our office located at 3948 Pembroke Road, Suite E, Pembroke Park, FL, 33021, however if you would like to schedule an appointment at certain time, please visit http://www.myidentico.com/hitappoint/ and we’ll serve you first regardless of any wait line.




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