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The Licensing for Liquor and Tobacco trading in the State of Florida is highly regulated and controlled. Businesses must comply both with state and federal regulation on Liquor and Tobacco Product Distribution. There is created within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, which shall supervise the conduct, management, and operation of the manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and sale within the state of all alcoholic beverages and shall enforce the provisions of the Beverage Law and the tobacco law and rules and regulations of the division in connection therewith. It is the express legislative intent that the state retains primary regulatory authority over the activities of licensees under the Beverage Law within the power of the state and the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.


The Level 2 Background Screening for Florida Liquor License is required as part of F.S. 561.15 and F.S. 561.17

561.15 Licenses; qualifications required


(2) No license under the Beverage Law shall be issued to any person who has been convicted within the last past 5 years of any offense against the beverage laws of this state, the United States, or any other state; who has been convicted within the last past 5 years in this state or any other state or the United States of soliciting for prostitution, pandering, letting premises for prostitution, or keeping a disorderly place or of any criminal violation of chapter 893 or the controlled substance act of any other state or the Federal Government; or who has been convicted in the last past 15 years of any felony in this state or any other state or the United States; or to a corporation, any of the officers of which shall have been so convicted. The term “conviction” shall include an adjudication of guilt on a plea of guilty or nolo contendere or the forfeiture of a bond when charged with a crime.

561.17 License and registration applications; approved person


(1) Any person, before engaging in the business of manufacturing, bottling, distributing, selling, or in any way dealing in alcoholic beverages, shall file, with the district licensing personnel of the district of the division in which the place of business for which a license is sought is located, a sworn application in the format prescribed by the division. The applicant must be a legal or business entity, person, or persons and must include all persons, officers, shareholders, and directors of such legal or business entity that have a direct or indirect interest in the business seeking to be licensed under this part. However, the applicant does not include any person that derives revenue from the license solely through a contractual relationship with the licensee, the substance of which contractual relationship is not related to the control of the sale of alcoholic beverages. Before any application is approved, the division may require the applicant to file a set of fingerprints on regular United States Department of Justice forms for herself or himself and for any person or persons interested directly or indirectly with the applicant in the business for which the license is being sought, when required by the division. If the applicant or any person who is interested with the applicant either directly or indirectly in the business or who has a security interest in the license being sought or has a right to a percentage payment from the proceeds of the business, either by lease or otherwise, is not qualified, the division shall deny the application. However, any company regularly traded on a national securities exchange and not over the counter; any insurer, as defined in the Florida Insurance Code; or any bank or savings and loan association chartered by this state, another state, or the United States which has an interest, directly or indirectly, in an alcoholic beverage license is not required to obtain the division’s approval of its officers, directors, or stockholders or any change of such positions or interests. A shopping center with five or more stores, one or more of which has an alcoholic beverage license and is required under a lease common to all shopping center tenants to pay no more than 10 percent of the gross proceeds of the business holding the license to the shopping center, is not considered as having an interest, directly or indirectly, in the license.


(2) All applications for alcoholic beverage licenses for consumption on the premises shall be accompanied by a certificate of the Division of Hotels and Restaurants of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or the Department of Health or the county health department that the place of business wherein the business is to be conducted meets all of the sanitary requirements of the state.


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