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Fingerprinting for Construction Industry Licensees in Florida

The Level 2 Background Screening and digital fingerprinting is required as part of application for:


Florida Roofing Contractor License

Florida Sheet Metal Contractor License

Florida General Contractor License

Florida Air-Conditioning Contractor License

Florida Mechanical Contractor License

Florida Pool Contractor License

Florida Plumbing Contractor License

Florida Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor License


According to F.S. 489.107

489.107 Construction Industry Licensing Board


(6) An applicant for initial issuance of a certificate or registration shall submit to a statewide criminal history records check through the Department of Law Enforcement. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation shall submit the requests for the criminal history records check to the Department of Law Enforcement for state processing, and the Department of Law Enforcement shall return the results to the department to determine if the applicant meets certification or registration requirements. If the applicant has been convicted of a felony, the board may deny licensure to the applicant based upon the severity of the crime, the relationship of the crime to contracting, or the potential for public harm. The board shall also, in denying or approving licensure, consider the length of time since the commission of the crime and the rehabilitation of the applicant. The board may not deny licensure to an applicant based solely upon a felony conviction or the applicant’s failure to provide proof of restoration of civil rights.


(9) An initial applicant shall submit, along with the application, a complete set of fingerprints to the department. The fingerprints shall be submitted to the Department of Law Enforcement for state processing, and the Department of Law Enforcement shall forward them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for national processing for the purpose of determining if the applicant has a criminal history record. The department shall and the board may review the background results to determine if an applicant meets licensure requirements. The cost for the fingerprint processing shall be borne by the person subject to the background screening. These fees are to be collected by the authorized agencies or vendors. The authorized agencies or vendors are responsible for paying the processing costs to the Department of Law Enforcement.


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