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Background Screening requirements for CDC+ program run by Florida APD

CDC+ Background Screening Process Information


1. Consumer Directed Care Plus (CDC+) participate/representative (the employer) selects prospective employee/ independent contractor to provide services.


2. CDC+ Employer has good moral character form filled out and notarized for the prospective employee/independent contractor.


3. CDC+ Employer gives background screening packet to the prospective employee/independent contractor who completes the forms and then goes to an approved Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) vendor to get his fingerprints taken. The fingerprint vendor (who took the prints) is responsible for sending results to FDLE. This must be accomplished using the CDC + ORI/OCA codes.


4. Background screening is completed by (FDLE)/Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and results returned to Department of Children and Families (DCF) or Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).


5. DCF determines eligibility and emails the clearance letter to APD for Area staff to print and provide to CDC+ Consultant.


6. CDC+ Consultant gives clearance letter to CDC+ employer to place the clearance letter, the good moral character form, and local checks if completed in the employee file for review as needed.


7. The CDC+ employer will retain a copy of the completed background screening packet in their CDC+ file as part of their employee files to be available upon request for review.


8. CDC+ employers can share copies of the clearance letter with other CDC+ employers. The new employer must ensure there has not been a break in employment of more than 90 days. Such person must attest under penalty of perjury to not having been convicted of a disqualifying offense since completing their last screening (Good Moral Character form).


9. Effective August 2010, Florida’s background screening laws changed to require that all employees of CDC+ participants pass a level 2 background screening before they can begin working for the CDC+ participant who is their employer. A CDC+ participant may share the results of his or her employee’s background screening with another CDC+ participant in order for the other CDC+ participant to use the results as proof of the employee’s having passed the background screening. However, it is the responsibility of the CDC+ participant who receives the background  screening results to make sure the employee in question was employed during that time with no break in employment longer than 90 days.


10. If it is a Provider Agency, (i.e. staffing agency for nursing services, Adult Day Training, etc.) then the letter is provided to screened employee after the screening is completed and the Provider Agency would maintain the file for review as the CDC+ employer is subcontracting with this agency.


NOTE: The CDC+ Employee can always ask for the scheduled employee coming to the consumer home to bring a copy of the employee clearance letter to ensure that the Agency has conducted the employee screening and the CDC+ employee can be assured that the employee providing direct care to consumer is compliant with the law.


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